April the 12th, 2022

Improved Improved performance when using tracking test cases with more than 100 test results TM6-1137


March the 8th, 2022

Fixed Weekly Slack / Team summaries should not be sent for archived projects TM6-1136
Fixed When quickly typing a name after an @, the mention list doesn't appear TM6-1122


January the 13th, 2022

Improved Improved feedback when integration errors occur during connecting TM6-1096


December the 22nd, 2021

Improved Last login date in user overview TM6-1073
Improved Milestone filter for issue summary report TM6-1067
Improved Test environments are searchable TM6-1066
Improved Use original document name when downloading an attachment TM6-1022
Fixed Selecting multiple users in the import export overview only filters out the first user TM6-1089
Fixed Using special characters for a name can cause a detail page to go blank TM6-1080
Fixed Column and filter settings are sometimes not saved in the application settings TM6-1074
Fixed Sometimes, characters in the wysiwyg are replaced by emoticons inadvertently TM6-1061
Fixed Test run status doesn't show past or future when viewing a test result TM6-1047
Fixed Today button should be disabled when minimum date lies in the future TM6-1046
Fixed Users should not be deletable once assigned to a test run TM6-999


November the 29th, 2021

Improved Increased maximum character length for test case instructions to 2500 TM6-1062
Improved Export type and date in the filename TM6-1060
Improved Navigate to milestone using timeline on the dashboard TM6-1059
Fixed Wysiwyg editor inadvertently removes space character when typing TM6-1055


November the 15th, 2021

New Microsoft Teams integration TM6-1005
Improved Ability to assign additional test cases to test runs through the API (merging) TM6-1040
Improved Show tags for test runs / test cases when tracking test results TM6-1018
Improved Show test environment when tracking test results per test run TM6-1017
Improved Revised Slack integration TM6-1004
Improved Ability to change the test case name when duplicating TM6-962
Fixed Fixed SSRF vulnerability when setting up integrations (Jira, Mantis, TOPdesk) TM6-1045
Fixed XSS vulnerability in project clone form TM6-1041
Fixed XSS vulnerability on empty search results page TM6-1039
Fixed Front-end authentication JWT token vulnerability TM6-1038
Fixed XSS vulnerability in create confirmation messages TM6-1037
Fixed Sometimes a pasted image is rejected without any reason when running a test TM6-1031
Fixed When un-assigning all users from a test run, the milestone summary report sometimes shows a generic error TM6-994
Fixed Some slack messages contain HTML code TM6-927
Fixed Using lists in test result description causes the text to disappear TM6-882


September the 15th, 2021

New Run tests using a QR code TM6-651
New Deploy multiple project templates into a single project TM6-539
Improved Revised plural form of multiple test terms TM6-976
Improved Better progress calculation when listing test run in the run overview TM6-964
Improved Admins can join and leave projects TM6-957
Fixed When a test result is marked as viewed, some description changes are not logged in the audit log TM6-996
Fixed Company and phone field length should be limited during onboarding TM6-985
Fixed Invoicing address fields should be limited TM6-984
Fixed Editing a test result causes the attachment count to clear TM6-979
Fixed TOPdesk issue description sometimes contains HTML characters TM6-965
Fixed Issue name should be truncated when showing an individual issue TM6-952
Fixed When creating an issue while running a test, the issue name contains HTML code TM6-951
Fixed "Add task" tip is hidden when issues / tasks are not created TM6-871
Fixed HTML should be stripped in audit log entries TM6-869
Fixed Issue fields are not translated when bulk updating issues TM6-833
Fixed Test run assigned notification is sent when cloning a milestone TM6-646
Fixed Some texts shows unencoded HTML characters TM6-597


July the 26th, 2021

Fixed Hotkey handler causes a console error message when using autocomplete TM6-972
Fixed Subscription renewal date is not internationally formatted TM6-696
Fixed Date picker isn't fully visible while planning a testrun on a small screen TM6-485


July the 22nd, 2021

Fixed In some cases, changes for a test results are not stored in the audit log TM6-969
Fixed Users cannot be deleted when assigned to one or more teams TM6-967
Fixed Sometimes, deleting a user causes the audit log to stay blank TM6-966
Fixed Sometimes project search results from objects beyond your role are shown TM6-959
Fixed User cannot be deleted when member of a project TM6-926


July the 21st, 2021

Improved Project search with inline results TM6-948
Improved Keyboard shortcuts for common tasks TM6-944
Improved Add multiple members to project TM6-941
Improved Show coverage summary on coverage reports TM6-902
Improved Show type / classification on requirements / risk coverage report TM6-891
Improved Hide testers without test runs in tester workload as a default TM6-884
Improved View upcoming invoices TM6-654
Fixed When creating a new user on smaller screens, the save button is obscured TM6-947
Fixed Test instructions cannot be reordered when multiline instructions are used TM6-936
Fixed Project templates without a start / end date cannot be deployed TM6-935
Fixed Clone milestones should not require milestone delete permission TM6-925
Fixed Wizard buttons are obscured on smaller screens when creating a test run TM6-921
Fixed Timezone is sometimes not detected when logging in through 2FA TM6-920
Fixed Using a tag filter in reports can cause a 500 error TM6-919
Fixed Login / 2FA input field loses focus after page has been loaded TM6-917
Fixed Sometimes, superfluous notifications are sent when cloning a project TM6-838


June the 9th, 2021

New Project feature settings TM6-102
New Test run starting notification TM6-61
New Custom timezone setting TM6-51
New Test run expiration notification TM6-45
Improved IP and user agent tracking in audit log TM6-885
Improved Test case instructions are optional TM6-883
Improved Add message when sharing reports TM6-874
Improved Order invoices by date ascending TM6-868
Improved Show number of versions in application overview TM6-849
Improved Without assigned users filter for test runs TM6-842
Improved Better attachment arrangement when showing test results TM6-834
Improved Allow comments to be removed TM6-722
Improved Show test run duration TM6-628
Improved Custom issue status counter TM6-566
Improved Date range picker TM6-290
Fixed Rare browser crash when re-ordering instructions in the sidebar TM6-908
Fixed Cannot use more than 100 tags TM6-899
Fixed Wysigwyg editor causes a console error message when initialized TM6-894
Fixed Filter label for teams in user management is missing TM6-890
Fixed When removing a filter preset, the confirmation message is not translated TM6-889
Fixed Non-admins cannot plan test runs TM6-888
Fixed Test case chart in milestone report sometimes includes results from other milestones TM6-887
Fixed Revert import confirmation text is missing TM6-881
Fixed Project role memberships should be removed when promoting a user to admin TM6-880
Fixed Issue name maximum length should be 255 characters TM6-875
Fixed When reviewing results linked to an issue, the result description is missing TM6-867
Fixed Dotted menu should be hidden when unauthorized for deleting milestones TM6-865
Fixed When duplicating a test case, the confirmation dialog does not show the name correctly formatted TM6-845
Fixed Test case order is not respected when deploying a project template TM6-816
Fixed Today button in datepicker should not use the current time TM6-717
Fixed Language preference dropdown is obscured on smaller screens TM6-700
Fixed Trial end date is not localized TM6-553


April the 14th, 2021

New Two-factor authentication TM6-534
New "Add all" / "remove all" in record transfer component TM6-26
Improved Removed ability to reset passwords of other users for better security TM6-859
Fixed Setting a filter when assigning test cases causes an empty page due to pagination TM6-846
Fixed Tags are not available as a filter when editing a test run through the sidebar TM6-841
Fixed Reached at flag should not copied to the project template TM6-837
Fixed Import preview show one additional empty line TM6-832
Fixed Instruction error messages are formatted incorrectly TM6-831
Fixed When adding a new requirement, rich text editing is not available TM6-830
Fixed When inviting multiple users, some invitations are not sent TM6-825
Fixed Result progress of deleted users is not shown TM6-821
Fixed Issue button should be hidden when printing the task report TM6-820
Fixed Duplicating projects without users / roles sometimes still add users on a test run TM6-746
Fixed Project members overview should include archived users TM6-738
Fixed Slack notifications sometimes do not match the preferred locale TM6-706
Fixed Trashed users shouldn't be reassigned to test runs when cloning projects TM6-459


March the 11th, 2021

Improved Better delete confirmations TM6-812
Improved Additional issue fields available while running tests TM6-669
Fixed Mail notifications contain localhost in the preview header TM6-823
Fixed Application coverage counts issues from other projects TM6-814
Fixed User sometimes doesn't get the milestone reached notification TM6-813
Fixed Subscriptions with unused time sometimes cause an error when viewing the billing page TM6-791
Fixed Environment cannot be renamed in settings menu TM6-786
Fixed Project is required when updating an issue through the API TM6-783
Fixed Replying to a comment misplaces the cursor TM6-762
Fixed Test case preview order is not respected when starting a test run TM6-689


February the 13th, 2021

New Show / hide option for charts in reports TM6-29
New Report homescreen TM6-28
Improved All users can list test environments TM6-749
Improved Hide columns and filters for unauthorized users TM6-748
Improved Hide tabs for test cases and test runs for unauthorized users TM6-747
Improved Duplication is logged in the activity log TM6-728
Improved Password validation rules are shown when using password reset TM6-725
Improved Categorize custom status into Other counter TM6-704
Improved Improved report tables with additional information TM6-34
Fixed Cloning a project with test cases containing attachments fail TM6-787
Fixed Cannot select a status / priority when configuring a DoneDone integration TM6-768
Fixed Column label for import / export user is missing TM6-767
Fixed Issue priority should not be required when linking a test result TM6-766
Fixed Date should be required when cloning milestones and projects TM6-765
Fixed Issue code is truncated on the project dashboard TM6-761
Fixed Roles shouldn't be removed when used with active project members TM6-760
Fixed Specified start date is not used when cloning a project without any start date TM6-756
Fixed Cannot duplicate test run using end date similar to milestone date TM6-755
Fixed Cannot duplicate a project without an end date TM6-751
Fixed Some actions were not hidden from unauthorized users TM6-750
Fixed Users that are authorized to delete risks and milestones are not able to restore them TM6-744
Fixed Test environment is not shown on detail page TM6-737
Fixed When removing a project template, you're redirected back to the dashboard instead of the template overview TM6-731
Fixed Translation is missing for "Go back" when confirming payment TM6-695
Fixed Requirements / risks report graph should only include latest outcome TM6-353


November the 10th, 2020

Improved Better file upload security TM6-736
Improved Better email address validation TM6-735
Improved Enable SSO / Custom branding for Flexible subscriptions TM6-666
Fixed Last login date is incorrectly displayed TM6-723
Fixed Start and end dates should not contain the time TM6-605


October the 21st, 2020

Improved Assign test environments when creating a test run TM6-713
Improved Invalid VAT ID causes an improved error message to display TM6-708
Fixed Outcome is sometimes greyed out in tracking overview for test runs with multiple users TM6-714
Fixed Test result creator is shown incorrectly TM6-711
Fixed Milestone reached should re-evaluated when deleting a test run or creating a new one TM6-703
Fixed Error feedback while resetting password should not be shown for email field TM6-694
Fixed Cannot duplicate projects when using the same project name of a deleted or archived copy TM6-684
Fixed Updating milestone date isn’t applied directly TM6-681
Fixed Newlines are added in test case instructions when reordering a test case TM6-678
Fixed When archiving or deleting a project, the audit log breaks TM6-671
Fixed Invoices sometimes do not match the preferred locale TM6-662


October the 5th, 2020

New Tasks report TM6-690
Improved Improved security for updating personal passwords TM6-686
Fixed Error message should appear when trying to add user with existing email TM6-404


September the 23rd, 2020

Improved Revised task management TM6-204


September the 10th, 2020

Improved Visible table columns can now be hidden using the table settings TM6-675
Improved Completed filter for tracking test runs TM6-638
Improved Use period column in stead of start / end columns in test run overview TM6-634
Improved Show test run assignee avatars in test run overview TM6-631
Improved Show test case duration while running a test run TM6-629
Improved Restyled test run priority icon TM6-619
Improved Improved error handling with recovery options TM6-313
Fixed Outcome shown in test case / run detail page doesn't always match the outcome shown in the overview TM6-668
Fixed Issue descriptions containing newlines are rejected by Asana TM6-663
Fixed When using batch update, selection dropdowns are obscured TM6-632
Fixed Test results timestamps are shown incorrectly TM6-623
Fixed Timestamp for test result is incorrectly displayed TM6-622
Fixed Timestamp tooltip is missing for created / updated fields TM6-621
Fixed Test run priority column is missing TM6-620
Fixed Completing a milestone causes the updated by user to be set to the tester TM6-560
Fixed Batch edit Dutch confirmation text is invalid TM6-502
Fixed Session expire message doesn't appear when running tests TM6-453


August the 27th, 2020

Improved User invite confirmation message show only email address TM6-570
Improved Customizable fields for requirements / risks / issues are restricted to 32 characters TM6-558
Improved Batch update tags in issues TM6-552
Improved Show admin indicator in user overview TM6-541
Improved User filter in test run overview TM6-536
Improved Additional allowed attachment file types TM6-532
Improved Copy test result attachments to issues when linked TM6-515
Improved Revised support request text TM6-466
Improved Better integration URL validation TM6-460
Improved Move test case to another test suite TM6-406
Fixed Cannot create auth token for DevOps TM6-652
Fixed Test run name limit is missing in sidebar TM6-635
Fixed XSS issue on input fields TM6-618
Fixed Firefox sometimes doesn’t submit a form value TM6-616
Fixed Reassigning test cases sometimes causes the test run to be still marked as completed TM6-451


July the 24th, 2020

New Custom branding TM6-420
New Single Sign On (SSO) TM6-49
Improved Better cookie security TM6-607
Improved Revised settings / account settings / user preferences TM6-596
Improved Prevent removing or disassociating customisable fields when in use TM6-569
Fixed When a test result outcome category changes, it doesn’t recalculate the new outcome TM6-601
Fixed Imports show a different author TM6-600
Fixed Cannot clone projects without start / end date TM6-595
Fixed Removing application version sometimes causes audit log to hang TM6-581
Fixed Importing issues with an external reference fail TM6-567
Fixed When showing multiple users in the track test runs overview, names are separated by double comma's in the tooltip TM6-565
Fixed Calendar placeholder icons are showing through modals TM6-564
Fixed Requirement type / risk classification should be required TM6-556
Fixed Thumbnails for plain-text attachments are not rendered correctly TM6-512
Fixed Dropdown fields are sometimes translated into another language because of caching TM6-409
Fixed Draft test cases should be hidden when planning test runs TM6-396


June the 23rd, 2020

New Onboarding tour TM6-509
New Show test results comments while running tests TM6-59
Improved Improved API error handling TM6-588
Improved Issue code is shown in description for integrations TM6-513
Fixed Cannot remove a task TM6-590
Fixed Names are missing from likes in tooltip TM6-580
Fixed Invalid datepicker is showing when adding an application version / issue task TM6-575
Fixed User should be required when adding a project member TM6-574
Fixed Test result filter in test run overview doesn't work TM6-563
Fixed Removing a tag causes a batch dialog to close TM6-562
Fixed When editing a test run, the end date should be inclusive TM6-561
Fixed Removing a filter causes others to disappear TM6-555
Fixed Jira issue description should not contain HTML characters when using rich formatting TM6-547
Fixed Text summary shows unencoded HTML characters TM6-546
Fixed After saving a dropdown field, the resulting value doesn’t get translated TM6-545
Fixed Dashboard counters sometimes show links to unauthorized pages TM6-530
Fixed Dates are only shown in US format TM6-523
Fixed Notification list is truncated TM6-467
Fixed Updating milestone doesn't refresh date right away TM6-464
Fixed Search query shouldn't be retained across screens TM6-463


May the 28th, 2020

New Assign requirements / risks when creating a test case TM6-107
Improved Persistent tab links TM6-526
Improved Test case and test run name shown in test result detail page TM6-524
Improved Test result dates are shown in tracking overview TM6-522
Improved Show avatars on every user dropdown TM6-499
Improved Test run completed notification links to test run results page TM6-450
Improved Preconditions / expected result visible when creating a test case TM6-433
Fixed Issue dropdown does not show issues when showing test results for a test case or test run TM6-528
Fixed Test case name is truncated in test result overview TM6-525
Fixed Attachments are not shown in test results tracking overview TM6-521
Fixed Mail formatting sometimes reverts to plain text TM6-520
Fixed Color is missing from issue status while running tests TM6-518
Fixed Test case instructions are not included in text search TM6-514
Fixed Projects with more than 100 test runs are sometimes not fully cloned TM6-507
Fixed When changing milestone / test suite name, refresh should redirect to the same page TM6-501


May the 13th, 2020

Fixed Error feedback on form fields are sometimes not displayed TM6-508
Fixed Test case attachments are not shown during testing using the tester role TM6-503
Fixed When a test result description is too long, a proper error message should be shown TM6-500


May the 5th, 2020

New User teams TM6-408
Improved Ability to rerun a test run when viewing a test result TM6-498
Improved Revised test result tracking TM6-493
Improved Sidebar asynchronous loading TM6-479
Improved Milestone reached filter TM6-449
Fixed Sidebar close button not visible in Safari TM6-492
Fixed TOPdesk integration check sometimes fails due to anonymous incidents TM6-491
Fixed Individual user progress for a test run isn’t showing correctly TM6-489
Fixed Test runs without test environments show a grey square in the test run overview TM6-487
Fixed Fixed test result description overflow for multi-line (20+) texts TM6-476
Fixed Fixed Swiss VAT eligibility TM6-475
Fixed Duration is shown as 0 minutes while empty TM6-471
Fixed When removing an avatar, the activity log should not display an attachment deleted entry TM6-469
Fixed Confirm button in confirmation dialog is not readable TM6-465
Fixed Texts in toast messages are not always correctly translated TM6-462
Fixed Milestone reach date is not available TM6-461
Fixed Test case order is not always respected when cloning projects TM6-458
Fixed Password reset notification isn't fully translated TM6-454
Fixed Multi select should be hidden when showing a project template TM6-452
Fixed When tracking test results with an active user filter, the milestone filter is ignored TM6-447
Fixed Test run dates do not update when using the sidebar and selecting test runs TM6-89
Fixed Dates do not show up in user's locale TM6-72
Fixed Dropdowns in sidebar do not show current value when selected record changes TM6-23