August the 3rd, 2023

Improved Allow comment updating TM-1443
Improved Increased upload limit to 50MB TM-1242
Fixed Test suite name updates aren't shown in Firefox TM-1444
Fixed EML files are rejected as attachment TM-1340


July the 11th, 2023

Improved Custom field URL type TM-1398
Fixed Issue priority on detail page is not always translated TM-1423
Fixed Generic file icon is missing for attachments without a thumbnail TM-1414
Fixed Webhook disabled notification should link to webhooks overview TM-1411
Fixed Draft results are counted but not listed when viewing related test results TM-1403
Fixed When batch updating test cases or test runs, sometimes assigned tags will disappear TM-1048
Fixed Updating multiple fields at once can cause an input validation message TM-544


June the 28th, 2023

New Webhooks integration TM-1385
Improved HTML characters are shown in the project names when using the project switcher TM-1308
Fixed Axios error is shown when sending an issue to DevOps fails TM-1392
Fixed Expired sessions cause a Javascript error when loading test case instructions through the API TM-1344
Fixed Multiple test runs assigned notification sometimes doesn't trigger TM-1342
Fixed Timestamp gets updated, causer doesn't get updated TM-1284
Fixed Quickly deleting an attachment twice causes error TM-1271
Fixed Role filter for project members will return all users with the role in any project TM-1212
Fixed Team filter should be searchable in user overview TM-1077


May the 24th, 2023

Improved Allow email address confirmation within 24 hours TM-1371
Improved Allow project managers to configure settings for a project TM-1337
Improved Configure Team for DevOps integration TM-1336
Fixed User filter on track test cases page causes an error TM-1387
Fixed Some partners cannot access the detail page of a customer TM-1375
Fixed Milestone overview in project summary is restricted by 15 milestones TM-1338
Fixed Tags filter is sometimes not accessible when using report filters TM-1310
Fixed On some invoices, non-latin characters are not shown correctly TM-993


April the 29th, 2023

Fixed Cannot switch values when an archived user is selected in a custom user field TM-1366
Fixed New lines are stripped in issue description when sending issues to Jira TM-1356


March the 10th, 2023

Fixed Project member can be unassigned without the required privileges TM-1354
Fixed Cannot create Asana integration due to Asana membership API update TM-1352


February the 27th, 2023

New Okta SSO TM-1243
Improved Better first and last name detection when using SSO auto provisioning TM-1351
Fixed A space character is missing when typing a smiley in a comments field TM-1343


February the 7th, 2023

Improved Ability to navigate to individual test runs in test workload report TM-1334
Improved Estimated test run time in run test overview TM-1307
Improved Automatically hide completed tasks in My Work TM-1292
Improved Project and environment name in notification e-mails TM-1236
Fixed Duplicated columns show up when customizing issue resolution list TM-1331
Fixed Project symbol id should be required when creating a project through the API TM-1323
Fixed In the task report, start and end date filter labels are not translated correctly TM-1316
Fixed Reactivate integration dialog footer is separated from the rest TM-1312
Fixed Date filter in task report is partially hidden TM-1311
Fixed Cancelling a new Slack integration causes a page redirection loop TM-1309
Fixed Link for integration disabled notification causes a 404 error TM-1304
Fixed Project summary requires risk permission even when feature is disabled TM-1275
Fixed Unconfigured integration should not be used when creating new issues TM-1269
Fixed Wide tooltips within a sidebar are cut off TM-987


January the 19th, 2023

Fixed Issue count for coverage reports sometimes are duplicated because of multiple linked test results TM-1322
Fixed Charts don't scale when resizing them in a grid TM-1315
Fixed Role names for auto-provisioned user aren't localized TM-1303
Fixed Application error appears when running the same test run within multiple instances TM-1302
Fixed Copy pasting mentioned items can cause the message not to post TM-1294
Fixed Prevent application error message when using archived project as parameter in API endpoints TM-1288


December the 15th, 2022

Improved Loading indicator for attachment uploading / deleting TM-1286
Fixed Image viewer doesn't show image when opened in Safari TM-1287
Fixed Avatar isn't showing when viewing a single user in user management TM-1282
Fixed Paging limit of 100 is not being observed for API requests TM-1272
Fixed Outcome update filter in track test cases doesn't work TM-1255


December the 10th, 2022

New Filter for object creator TM-1020
Improved Better admin management TM-1262
Improved Increased selected value character limit in filters TM-1256
Improved Lazy load avatars TM-1249
Improved Refer to test case code in test result lists TM-1240
Improved Persist page limit when assigning test cases or users in a test run TM-1239
Improved Test suite filter in track test cases TM-1232
Improved Avoid closing a popup when clicking outside of the dialog TM-1222
Improved Make milestone selector for milestone summary searchable TM-1148
Improved Remember test case filter settings when planning a test run TM-533
Fixed Test runs without assigned test cases show up in the run overview with "NaN" column TM-1266
Fixed Progress indicator in coverage reports for uncovered test cases is using the wrong color TM-1265
Fixed Single sign-on allowed domain filter should not be case sensitive TM-1198
Fixed Issue status list should be accessible when authorized for creating issues TM-1000


October the 4th, 2022

New Table column reordering TM-1220
Improved Better loading performance in track by test run TM-1227
Improved Search through codes without its prefix TM-1079
Fixed Test run isn’t marked as complete when multiple users are assigned TM-1223
Fixed Avoid sending test run reminders or weekly summaries for completed projects TM-1219
Fixed My Work shows items from completed projects TM-1217
Fixed When restoring a test run, test results of unlinked users and test cases are restored as well TM-1200
Fixed When copy pasting a mention, the user name isn't displayed correctly TM-1135
Fixed Formatting toolbar is cropped when showing in sidebar TM-1129
Fixed When tracking test results by test run, test case grouping can cause test results to be split over multiple pages TM-792
Fixed Sidebar should be hidden for trashed records TM-559
Fixed With / without filter cannot be deselected TM-448


September the 15th, 2022

Improved Show default list options for requirement types, risk classifications, milestone types and issue fields TM-1207
Improved Test run progress meter in My Work TM-1205
Fixed Popup heights for assigning requirements, risks, applications, test cases and users are sometimes set too low TM-1216
Fixed When editing a form, expired sessions aren't properly handled TM-1214
Fixed Names aren't always aligned vertically in user dropdowns TM-1213
Fixed Test results in a progress bar are sometimes ordered incorrectly when tracking test cases TM-1209
Fixed Add / remove all button tooltip in assignment dialog causes a horizontal scrollbar to appear TM-1203


September the 11th, 2022

Fixed Modals are being cut off at the bottom when using a smaller screen TM-1201


September the 10th, 2022

New Create test cases directly from a requirement or risk TM-1169
New My Work overview TM-1167
New Test run update subscriptions TM-1165
New Milestone types TM-1160
New Custom fields TM-1123
New Ability to change your domain name TM-550
Improved Branch support for TOPdesk integration TM-1191
Improved Upgrade Asana client to support project templates feature TM-1190
Improved Improved test run tracking TM-1189
Improved Allow message board to be disabled TM-1185
Improved Tab counters TM-1180
Improved Test result tracking using latest test result TM-1179
Improved Exports with a direct download option TM-1174
Improved Renamed "test environment" to "environment" TM-1173
Improved Allow Custom Branding / SSO for Team plan TM-1171
Improved Revised base layout TM-1166
Improved Mark projects as complete TM-1161
Improved Recycle bin for restoring records TM-1147
Improved Improved 2FA security TM-1146
Improved Report charts include unassigned / empty values TM-1141
Improved Show avatar for issue assignee in issue overview TM-1126
Improved Better table column scaling TM-1051
Improved Hide expand button for test cases / test runs without any test results TM-639
Improved Track test run as default overview TM-627
Improved Improved UX for multi-selection TM-419
Improved Allow test run sorting in run test overview TM-180
Improved Show milestone in test run overview when tracking test results TM-111
Fixed Using an empty query can cause an error message when using project search TM-1172
Fixed Large exports sometimes crash due to a lack of allocated memory TM-1154
Fixed When assigning test cases or users to a test run, sometimes inadvertently a filter remains active TM-1145
Fixed User should not be deletable once a task has been assigned TM-1142
Fixed Invitation accept notification is not translated TM-1108
Fixed Sidebar should not open when clicking on external issue link TM-1084
Fixed Replies strip out rich text format TM-1082
Fixed Applying a filter during test case assignments causes the dialog to close TM-606
Fixed Trashed items cannot be restored without a least one record TM-376
Fixed Dropdowns do not show active record when selected value is beyond record set TM-21


April the 12th, 2022

Improved Improved performance when using tracking test cases with more than 100 test results TM-1137


March the 8th, 2022

Fixed Weekly Slack / Team summaries should not be sent for archived projects TM-1136
Fixed When quickly typing a name after an @, the mention list doesn't appear TM-1122


January the 13th, 2022

Improved Improved feedback when integration errors occur during connecting TM-1096


December the 22nd, 2021

Improved Last login date in user overview TM-1073
Improved Milestone filter for issue summary report TM-1067
Improved Test environments are searchable TM-1066
Improved Use original document name when downloading an attachment TM-1022
Fixed Selecting multiple users in the import export overview only filters out the first user TM-1089
Fixed Using special characters for a name can cause a detail page to go blank TM-1080
Fixed Column and filter settings are sometimes not saved in the application settings TM-1074
Fixed Sometimes, characters in the wysiwyg are replaced by emoticons inadvertently TM-1061
Fixed Test run status doesn't show past or future when viewing a test result TM-1047
Fixed Today button should be disabled when minimum date lies in the future TM-1046
Fixed Users should not be deletable once assigned to a test run TM-999


November the 29th, 2021

Improved Increased maximum character length for test case instructions to 2500 TM-1062
Improved Export type and date in the filename TM-1060
Improved Navigate to milestone using timeline on the dashboard TM-1059
Fixed Wysiwyg editor inadvertently removes space character when typing TM-1055


November the 15th, 2021

New Microsoft Teams integration TM-1005
Improved Ability to assign additional test cases to test runs through the API (merging) TM-1040
Improved Show tags for test runs / test cases when tracking test results TM-1018
Improved Show test environment when tracking test results per test run TM-1017
Improved Revised Slack integration TM-1004
Improved Ability to change the test case name when duplicating TM-962
Fixed Fixed SSRF vulnerability when setting up integrations (Jira, Mantis, TOPdesk) TM-1045
Fixed XSS vulnerability in project clone form TM-1041
Fixed XSS vulnerability on empty search results page TM-1039
Fixed Front-end authentication JWT token vulnerability TM-1038
Fixed XSS vulnerability in create confirmation messages TM-1037
Fixed Sometimes a pasted image is rejected without any reason when running a test TM-1031
Fixed When un-assigning all users from a test run, the milestone summary report sometimes shows a generic error TM-994
Fixed Some slack messages contain HTML code TM-927
Fixed Using lists in test result description causes the text to disappear TM-882


September the 15th, 2021

New Run tests using a QR code TM-651
New Deploy multiple project templates into a single project TM-539
Improved Revised plural form of multiple test terms TM-976
Improved Better progress calculation when listing test run in the run overview TM-964
Improved Admins can join and leave projects TM-957
Fixed When a test result is marked as viewed, some description changes are not logged in the audit log TM-996
Fixed Company and phone field length should be limited during onboarding TM-985
Fixed Invoicing address fields should be limited TM-984
Fixed Editing a test result causes the attachment count to clear TM-979
Fixed TOPdesk issue description sometimes contains HTML characters TM-965
Fixed Issue name should be truncated when showing an individual issue TM-952
Fixed When creating an issue while running a test, the issue name contains HTML code TM-951
Fixed "Add task" tip is hidden when issues / tasks are not created TM-871
Fixed HTML should be stripped in audit log entries TM-869
Fixed Issue fields are not translated when bulk updating issues TM-833
Fixed Test run assigned notification is sent when cloning a milestone TM-646
Fixed Some texts shows unencoded HTML characters TM-597


July the 26th, 2021

Fixed Hotkey handler causes a console error message when using autocomplete TM-972
Fixed Subscription renewal date is not internationally formatted TM-696
Fixed Date picker isn't fully visible while planning a testrun on a small screen TM-485


July the 22nd, 2021

Fixed In some cases, changes for a test results are not stored in the audit log TM-969
Fixed Users cannot be deleted when assigned to one or more teams TM-967
Fixed Sometimes, deleting a user causes the audit log to stay blank TM-966
Fixed Sometimes project search results from objects beyond your role are shown TM-959
Fixed User cannot be deleted when member of a project TM-926


July the 21st, 2021

Improved Project search with inline results TM-948
Improved Keyboard shortcuts for common tasks TM-944
Improved Add multiple members to project TM-941
Improved Show coverage summary on coverage reports TM-902
Improved Show type / classification on requirements / risk coverage report TM-891
Improved Hide testers without test runs in tester workload as a default TM-884
Improved View upcoming invoices TM-654
Fixed When creating a new user on smaller screens, the save button is obscured TM-947
Fixed Test instructions cannot be reordered when multiline instructions are used TM-936
Fixed Project templates without a start / end date cannot be deployed TM-935
Fixed Clone milestones should not require milestone delete permission TM-925
Fixed Wizard buttons are obscured on smaller screens when creating a test run TM-921
Fixed Timezone is sometimes not detected when logging in through 2FA TM-920
Fixed Using a tag filter in reports can cause a 500 error TM-919
Fixed Login / 2FA input field loses focus after page has been loaded TM-917
Fixed Sometimes, superfluous notifications are sent when cloning a project TM-838