February the 26th, 2020

New Zapier integration TM6-438
New Create issues while running tests TM6-426
New Mention and notify users in comments TM6-48
New Test run - test case result overview TM6-31
Improved New wysiwyg text editor for rich text fields (requirements, risks, test cases, test results, issues, and comments). TM6-456
Improved Project membership logging TM6-441
Improved Show project in mail notifications TM6-415
Improved Priority indicator in assigned test runs on dashboard TM6-411
Improved Project dates optional TM6-351
Fixed Message liked mail notifications are not available TM6-442
Fixed Test run / milestone end date isn't set to end of day TM6-437


January the 29th, 2020

New DoneDone integration TM6-364
Improved Revised sidebar positioning TM6-428
Improved Email address update notification TM6-363
Fixed Restored translation is missing in audit trail TM6-431
Fixed Extended issue description in Jira integration is missing TM6-427
Fixed Dropdowns are partially hidden in modal dialogs TM6-424
Fixed Connection failed message when configuring new Asana integration TM6-423


January the 8th, 2020

New Custom avatar for user profile TM6-44
New Mantis integration TM6-400
New Save my filter TM6-37
Improved Tag filter on track and reporting TM6-391
Improved Zero values are now hidden in charts TM6-385
Improved Project-based filters TM6-361
Improved Scrollable notifications dropdown TM6-321
Improved Notifications settings link in notification e-mails TM6-199
Fixed Filters sometimes lag when rapidly selecting values TM6-405
Fixed Sometimes filters don’t remain visible in the sidebar TM6-380


December the 9th, 2019

Improved Duplicate test case directly from overview TM6-390
Improved Added my issue update notification setting TM6-388
Improved Audit log contains links to the subject TM6-366
Fixed Mark as read filter doesn’t use milestone filter TM6-378
Fixed Deleted items should not have a link to view the item TM6-372
Fixed Some users has access to reports without the correct permissions TM6-348


November the 13th, 2019

New Outcome graph for test runs TM6-311
New Test case file attachments TM6-317
New Initial demo project TM6-328
Improved Better importer validation and feedback TM6-374
Improved Risks are shown in the template details TM6-370
Improved Link test result to issue action TM6-120
Improved Test result comment notification TM6-316
Improved Application design refresh TM6-334
Improved Tasks and versions are now logged in the audit trail TM6-339
Improved Additional instance URL check when configuring Jira integration TM6-358
Improved Allow disconnecting unconfigured integrations TM6-367
Improved Improved response caching TM6-369
Improved Manual issue transfer TM6-6
Fixed Trashed users are not shown when assigning test runs TM6-356
Fixed Activities overview doesn't show avatar for trashed user TM6-355
Fixed Notifications are sent when an issue get de-assigned TM6-357
Fixed Random attachments appear when pasting values in issue search field TM6-337
Fixed Timestamp and causer of an updated issue are not always in sync TM6-335
Fixed Some notifications are not translated according to the user's preferred locale TM6-362
Fixed Imported test cases are sometimes showing an incorrect creator TM6-326
Fixed When reverting import the audit log should be cleared TM6-365
Fixed Priority icon appears for test runs without priority TM6-368


October the 11th, 2019

Improved Performance improvements for listing test runs in a milestone TM6-341


October the 10th, 2019

Improved Using TOPdesk recommended permalinks TM6-338
Improved Revised auditing fields TM6-333
Improved Filters without the required permission are now hidden as a default TM6-315
Fixed Test environment name isn't visible when starting a test run TM6-340
Fixed Some placeholders are missing in filters TM6-329
Fixed Some icons in input and datepicker fields are missing TM6-327


October the 2nd, 2019

Fixed Asana tasks are not created because of API update TM6-331
Fixed Badge icons are sometimes popping through the background TM6-318


September the 24th, 2019

Improved With / without test runs filter in test case overview TM6-319
Fixed Some CSV's are being rejected using the import feature TM6-325
Fixed Dropdowns don't work on Microsoft Edge/IE11 TM6-323
Fixed Issue assignee or creator still receives mail notifications when trashed TM6-285


September the 18th, 2019

Improved Better responsiveness on smartphones and tablets TM6-308
Improved Test case search improvements TM6-307
Improved Created column shows the user along the create date TM6-306
Improved User and test cases assignments are tracked in the audit log TM6-301
Fixed New custom issue status isn't listed after creating TM6-314
Fixed Tags are not duplicated when cloning a test case TM6-304
Fixed Credit card expiration date is not showing for some card types TM6-303
Fixed Users without create issue permissions should not be able to link test results to an issue TM6-300
Fixed A deleted user should not be accessible from the user overview TM6-299


September the 11th, 2019

New Issue application version management TM6-97
Improved Test results overview on test case / test run page TM6-294
Improved Test run rerun TM6-291
Improved Jira issue type configuration TM6-288
Improved Create test runs using a wizard TM6-24
Improved Update user's project role TM6-19
Fixed Hyperlinks in milestone timeline on dashboard don't work TM6-298
Fixed Notifications on profile page are not always shown TM6-295
Fixed Line breaks are not shown for test results in the tracking sidebar TM6-286
Fixed Audit log only shows absolute UTC date TM6-278
Fixed Cloned milestones and test runs should not inherit completed state TM6-277
Fixed Updating a test run sometimes cause "mark as viewed" state to reset TM6-276
Fixed User's locale is not respected when using export function TM6-246


July the 26th, 2019

New OAuth apps support TM6-274
Fixed Invalid link to test run in test result view TM6-275
Fixed When unassigning a user from a test run, test runs are still accessible through an email link TM6-273
Fixed Viewed test result state is not refreshed correctly when switching between test cases or test runs TM6-272


July the 24th, 2019

New Mark results as viewed TM6-262
New TOPdesk integration TM6-253
New Project templates TM6-242
Improved Restyled tracking sidebar TM6-263
Improved Issue reports date range filter TM6-255
Improved Milestones become locked while cloning TM6-248
Improved Filter issues on create date TM6-135
Fixed Test cases are not shown on risk detail page TM6-267
Fixed Navigate through test run sometimes shows an error TM6-265
Fixed Test results cannot be opened from the test run detail page TM6-261
Fixed Trashed users are still receiving mail notifications TM6-257
Fixed Using date filter in issue management causes an error TM6-256
Fixed Issue status badges in sidebar are not translated TM6-254


July the 8th, 2019

New Asana integration TM6-243
Improved Simplified Azure DevOps configuration TM6-252
Improved DevOps integration translates newlines in ReproSteps field TM6-182
Fixed Project customizations are not always translated TM6-251
Fixed Issue code does not increase sequentially in some cases TM6-249
Fixed Customization field order is not respected in dropdown fields TM6-245
Fixed Test run tags are not cloned when cloning a milestone TM6-235


June the 28th, 2019

New Project cloning TM6-240
New Configurable visibility and validation rules for result categories TM6-132
New User API key management TM6-25
Improved Performance improvement for cumulative test results / issues TM6-152
Fixed Caching prevents new issue customizations to show up TM6-247


June the 17th, 2019

Improved Menu's now hide unauthorized objects TM6-237
Fixed Additional fixes for revised application structure TM6-244


June the 13th, 2019

Improved Revised application URL structure TM6-205
Fixed Outcomes should never include draft test results TM6-234
Fixed Combining milestone and outcome filters doesn’t show untested test cases when tracking results TM6-233
Fixed Cumulative issue chart does not show closed issues TM6-213
Fixed Global search shows results beyond the user's authorization TM6-167


May the 15th, 2019

Improved Revised dashboard tutorial texts TM6-209
Improved Issue task count column TM6-189
Improved Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 support warning TM6-214
Improved Improved "with outcome" filter when tracking test results TM6-226
Fixed Test case instructions field does not provide error feedback TM6-127
Fixed Long test case titles get truncated when running tests TM6-149
Fixed Delete button should be hidden when user doesn't have delete permission TM6-158
Fixed Import wizard duplicates row mapping when moving back and forward TM6-164
Fixed Long issue priority names causes the priority chart to be hidden TM6-171
Fixed Datepicker error messages are outside the viewport in popup dialogs TM6-228
Fixed Unlinking a single test result from an issue causes all results to unlink TM6-177
Fixed Developer role should be able to access results related to issues TM6-210
Fixed Issue assignee is not notified when issue priority is not specified TM6-212
Fixed Import preview freezes when using Excel file with multiple sheets TM6-215
Fixed Subscription overview in MSIE11 is not showing correctly TM6-218
Fixed Empty log entries are shown in the audit log TM6-219
Fixed Removing test cases from a test run sometimes cause invalid progress statistics TM6-38


April the 24th, 2019

New Global auditing log TM6-129
Improved Configure all columns in modal popup TM6-109
Improved Configure all filters in modal popup TM6-108
Fixed Invalid outcome when using filters in tracking test results TM6-203
Fixed Lead developer cannot filter on assignee or organization TM6-169
Fixed Filters area is clickable even when the filters are hidden TM6-166


April the 9th, 2019

Fixed Reverted "ability to deselect a result category when running tests" TM6-211
Fixed Issue update date should not be changed when adding tasks TM6-206
Fixed It is not possible to select a date on Internet Explorer TM6-181


April the 5th, 2019

Improved Assignee organization column in issue export TM6-198
Improved Replaced requirement / risk / application counter for explicit labels TM6-190
Improved Charts show absolute values with percentage as tooltip TM6-187
Improved Ability to deselect a result category when running tests TM6-137
Fixed Avatars for trashed users fail to load TM6-195


March the 29th, 2019

New Project archiving TM6-185
New Issue status filter in track test results overview TM6-41
Improved Issue status indicators when tracking results TM6-165
Fixed When linking test results to issues, all issue categories are shown in stead of the project-based one's TM6-188
Fixed Assignee is in some cases blank in issue sidebar TM6-186
Fixed Cannot add attachments when edit issue permission is granted (revised) TM6-184


March the 25th, 2019

New User notification preferences TM6-95
New Show related issues for test case while running tests TM6-58
Fixed Cannot add attachments when edit issue permission is granted TM6-176
Fixed Issues cannot be exported when view issue permission is granted TM6-172
Fixed Test result detail page not available for users with role test manager TM6-170
Fixed Test results are not visible to members with the auditor role TM6-161


March the 15th, 2019

Improved Improved activities timeline styling TM6-153
Fixed Instructions are sometimes not merged with existing test case TM6-156
Fixed Test results belonging to trashed test suites cause exporter to fail TM6-155
Fixed Test run overview causes a blank screen in MSIE 11 TM6-154
Fixed Fixed several Dutch / German translations (6.1.1) TM6-151
Fixed Add button should be hidden when user doesn't have create permission TM6-145
Fixed Trashed items should not be clickable TM6-139


March the 12th, 2019

New Tags on test cases TM6-54
New Added Beamer TM6-79
New Tags on test runs TM6-53
Improved Sidebar styling improvements TM6-147
Improved Comment posting is allowed when restricted to read issues permission TM6-144
Improved Improved import / export handling TM6-57
Fixed Some customizations cannot be assigned when configuring project TM6-148
Fixed Pencil icon does not react to mouse click when trying to edit instructions TM6-146
Fixed Notifications should only be shown on personal user profile TM6-141
Fixed Creating an issue with a task and without an assignee causes a server error TM6-138
Fixed When linking test results to issues, the issue assignee is not searchable TM6-136
Fixed Test run filter texts are not translated TM6-133
Fixed Attachment field sometimes does not register clicks to upload TM6-118
Fixed Support button doesn't work in IE11 TM6-91